The eagerly anticipated launch of HeyPublisher version 1.4.0 went off without a hitch last Friday, June 24th.  This version contained a much sought-after upgrade to the internal Word document conversion process, ensuring that publishers receive a WordPress compatible version of the document that is nearly identical in formatting to the originally submitted document.

“Word documents can be formatted in a dozen different ways, few of which are directly translatable to HTML in a meaningful way.”

The goal of the conversion upgrade was two-fold:

  1. Speed up publishers’ editorial tasks by stripping out all of the unnecessary HTML styles Word documents inherently contain, while at the same time
  2. Ensure writers could continue to format their documents (bold, italics, indentation, etc.) in a way that would accurately communicate the story they were trying to tell.

Version 1.4.0 can be downloaded directly from and is immediately available for installation.

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